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“Shaq Vs.” a decisive victory for the Big Aristotle

After an hour spent watching ABC’s newest foray into the world of sports entertainment, one thing is clear: Shaquille O’Neal is one of the funniest, most personable people ever to walk the earth. And his new show, “Shaq Vs.”, is the perfect blend of his athleticism and personality. Continue reading


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Another championship chapter

The story of Michael Phelps might get old after a while for some people, what with the endorsement deals and Saturday Night Live appearances and tabloid scandals.

But when it comes to what happens in the pool, there’s plenty still to be written in what is already the most illustrious story in swimming and Olympic history.

Saturday’s 100 m Butterfly final at the World Championships showed the epitome of what Phelps — as a sports icon — is all about. Continue reading

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