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Analysis: Stagnant offense may be Hawks’ undoing

After 189 offensively-empty minutes spent at Finnesey Field this weekend, the Saint Joseph’s women’s soccer team’s problems have become quite obvious. Overall the Hawks are a solid team, but their undoing is a stagnant offense that doesn’t look ready to withstand the rigors of Atlantic 10 play.

Their system amounts essentially to a 4-3-3 highlighted by one center forward and two wing forwards leading the attack. The offense largely relies on balls played into the central striker and runs made by the wing forwards and overlapping midfielders off that possession. It’s a system borne out of necessity by a lack of space for midfielders to attack the center of the pitch and a lack of quality service from wide players.

But the ability to succeed with this system requires, well, a lot more running. The Hawks are often caught flat-footed and unable to latch onto passes played through. There are a lot of people waiting around for something to happen instead of actively making something happen. When those unexpected opportunities do arise, a St. Joe’s player is usually a step slow to the ball.

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