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How Tweet it is

It’s a story that has gotten hardly any play in the American media, but I defy you to say it’s not one of the cooler stories you will ever see.

This article on Velonews makes it impossible not to absolutely love Lance Armstrong and everything he stands for.

Here’s the long and short of it: Lance, in Ireland, posted a message on his Twitter account that read “Good morning Dublin. Who wants to ride this afternoon? I do. 5:30 p.m. at the roundabout of Fountain Road and Chesterfield Avenue. See you there.” When the time to ride rolled around, a surprised Armstrong was joined by over 1,000 fans on his two-hour training ride around the well-known Kyber Pass, requiring the Irish police to shut down the six kilometer circuit the throng rode along.

It’s a remarkable story from a remarkable athlete. In a time when athletes are increasingly unabailable to the fans who shell out thousands of dollars to cheer them on, and for an athlete whose greatness has earned the utmost of that privacy, it’s an amazing and refreshing act.

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