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Browns demote Quinn following awful start

Ten quarters into his tenure as a starter in the NFL, Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn was again relegated to riding the pine, likely evoking thoughts of “Here we go again” from football fans in South Bend, New York City, Chicago, and Cincinnati-essentially anywhere the University of Notre Dame has a significant alumni base. [picapp src=”c/8/d/e/New_York_Jets_eb6f.jpg?adImageId=4656312&imageId=1654721″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

Quinn has a tremendous upside: big arm, athleticism, and the ability to read a defense well.  He’s had two years to learn to be a quarterback at the professional level and has all the big-time college football experience any new starter in the NFL would love to have.  Seems perfect, right? At least until you notice his knack for saving his worst for when the spotlight is shining brightest. Continue reading

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