St. Joe’s-Villanova LIVE BLOG

8:00: It’s a Friday night, no class in the morning…

While that may be true, J Smith, this Friday also happens to be another occurrence of the Holy War, the annual meeting of St. Joe’s and Villanova.

This year, the Hawks (3-3) come stumbling into this meeting after a 12-point loss to Drexel, and face by far the toughest opponent of the season to this point in Villanova.

The Wildcats (5-1) suffered their first loss of the season last week against a tough Tennessee squad and will be looking to rebound tonight against their main Big 5 rival. Jay Wright’s team is led by Corey Fisher, who has done a solid job to this point replacing the production and leadership of graduated senior Scottie Reynolds.

The Hawks will rely on Carl Jones, ’13, to lead the team to success this season. Head coach Phil Martelli has tended to start three freshmen this season, which has been feast or famine to this point. Langston Galloway, ’14, Daryus Quarles, ’14, and CJ Aiken, ’14, have had flashes of Brilliance on the court, while also showing signs of their youth. If they don’t start off hot, the Hawks could be in trouble, as the Wildcats come in ranked 12th nationally and will be backed by the ‘Nova Nation in the Dupont Pavilion.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates as the night goes on!

8:31: Starters for tonight’s game: For Nova: Pena, Wayns, Fisher, Yarou, and Stokes. For the Hawks: Aiken, Galloway, Quarles, Hilliard, and Jones.

8:44: Tip off time. The Nation goes crazy, I should know, I’m five feet in front of them. The Wildcats get the tip, but Stokes misses the jump. On the other end, Hilliard hits the jumper to give the Hawks the lead.

8:47: Another Nova miss. but Galloway airs it. Wayns then does the same. Tay misses the jump, but Quarles hits the three. Hawks by 5.

8:48: Pena gets the Cats on the board, but Jones answers with a 2. Pena again comes back, and hits his second jumper. Hilliard misses, and Pena pulls the board. Stokes misses, then Quarles misses.Wayns then gets the Cats two on a jumper. 7-6 Hawks.

8:51: Hilliard hits the deuce, and the Hawks stay in front. Aiken picks up the TO, but the Hawks are blocked followed by a Pena drive to the basket. Quarles misses, but Aiken gets the block on the other end.

8:54: Timeout. Jay Wright, as usual, has dressed to the 9s. Tonight, we have some pinstripes on the coat with what looks to be a purple button-up underneath. How regal of you, Jay.

8:55: Bell gets his first two after the timeout. Tay then gets two more on the other end. Stokes then hits the 3, and the Cats are up 13-11.

8:57: Fisher hits a 3 after trading off misses, and Aiken gets two on the other end. Hawks, so far, are playing this close. And as I say that, Stokes merrily finds his way to the basket for an easy two, and afterwards Fisher gets two more. Tay then gets two and a foul. The score is now 20-15 Wildcats.

9:01: Jones hits the single FT, and the Nova lead is at 4. Tay then picks up the loose ball and hits the two. The ball bounces off Yarou and the Hawks can tie it with 2. Traveling cancels those plans, however, and Pena hits two more.

9:04: On the other end, Todd O’Brien gets fouled, and does his best Shaq impression. He makes up for it with a board, but double dribbling gives Nova the ball once again. 22-18 Cats.

9:06: Hawks are getting some break tonight, as bad passes gives them another offensive opportunity. Swilling gets the offensive foul, however, and the Wildcats make another drive. Another Nova mistake spares the Hawks from two more on the deficit, and the game remains at 22-18.

9:09: After a timeout, Crosgile gives up the airball. Dominique Cheek then gets 2 for Nova. Ron Roberts answers on the other end for St. Joe’s, keeping the deficit at 4.

9:11: After a pair of possession changes, Roberts fouls Cheek, who goes to shoot two. He hits the first, and hits the second. Galloway misses a 3, but Roberts gets the board. Crosgile then sneaks to the other side of the court to hit the 3, making it 26-23 Nova.

9:14:  Cheek is picking up where Pena left off. He just hit a 3 to make it 28-23 Cats.

9:15: Hilliard gets a two mid-fall, but Galloway fouls a Wildcat on a missed three. The player will be named after this timeout.

9:18: That player is in fact Fisher, who hits all three free throws to make it 31-25 Nova.  On the other end, Quarles misses a jumper, and Fisher gets three more points. This is countered by three fro Tay, who makes it a six point game.

9:22: Cheek misses a 3, but after a few misses, Quarles fouls Cheek, who is shooting two. He hits the first, misses the second, and Aiken gets a nice block. Cheek then comes back to bite the Hawks, though, with a three from the corner. Tay then misses a 3, and Yarou gets two. That will wrap up the half, where we find the Hawks down 38-28.

9:26: I must say, the Hawks have put up one hell of a fight. What scares me, though, is that they are starting to look tired. Fatigue can’t help a 10 point lead, and Phil will need to find some way to circumvent that.

Another problem for the Hawks is the 3. The Wildcats have helped the Hawks out by missing a few open opportunities, and if they get hot in the second half, look out. Let’s hope the Cats keep on missing.

9:42: A pair of turnovers open the second half, and Hilliard gets the first two of the half. Fisher misses, but Stokes hits the 3. Aiken misses a jumper, but after a Nova miss, Quarles hits a 3. 41-33 Wildcats.

9:45: Nova called a timeout after the Quarles 3. At the end of the timeout, Stokes misses a jumper, but Quarles misses on the other end. Hilliard gets a foul on the other end, and Wayns makes both free throws. Hilliard gets a miss, and Stokes hits the three.

9:49:  Aiken picks up his first foul, and Yarou finishes the drive with two. Wayns capitalizes on a miss from Jones, and the score is now 50-33. Oy Vey.

9:51: Wow. Galloway misses badly, the Wildcats pick up the ball, get the two and a foul. Lead could get to 20 with this shot.

9:54: Pena misses the shot, but the Wildcats ge the board. Aiken blocks, but Fisher gets fouled seconds later. He hits both shots to make it 54-33 Wildcats.

9:56: Hilliard gets a quick two on a layup. After a backcourt violation, the Hawks get the ball back. Jones gets two more for the Hawks to cut it to 17. Aiken gets the block, and on the reset, Pena fouls a Hawk. After  a miss, Stokes gets two, and after a Swilling miss, Pena pulls down the board, which leads to Hilliard getting his third foul of the game.

9:59: Cheek makes one of two free throws, and with Crosgile and O’Brien now in, Galloway gets a long two. Fisher tries to drive to the basket, but Galloway fouls him. Shots coming after the timeout.

10:04: Nova misses the shots, and Galloway hits a three. Pena comes back, however, and powers a layup. Carl Baptiste now in the game, and he gets a layup.

10:05: Crosgile misses a three on the one end, and on the other, Yarou gets two. Ron Roberts then gets fouled by Fisher, misses the first free throw, and the second as well. Pena then gets this crowd riled with a Dunk, bringing the lead back to 20.

10:08: I was just informed that fellow journalist Phil Jasner has passed away. We here at the Hawk send our condolences to the family and friends of one of the best and most famous Philadelphia sports journalists.

10:12: Carl Jones hits a 3, Pena hits a shot. Quarles gets fouled and makes a free throw.

10:16: Hilliard gets his fourth foul on the night, and the Hawks turn the ball over again. Quarles hits a three at the other end. Hawks down 67-51.

10:18: Bentley hits a three, and Martelli calls a timeout.

10:22: Tay gets a layup, and on the other end, but Stokes answers. Quarles then gets another layup to make it 69-58 with 1:25 left.

10:27: With the minutes winding down, Galloway hits a two. 40.5 seconds left on the clocks, and the Hawks are down 69-60.

10:28: and here it comes: The Hawk is dead. I hate to say it, but Nova fans are right, even if just for tonight.

10:29: Bentley gets a foul, giving the Wildcats free throws. Stokes hits both to make it an 11 point game. Nova gets the rebound and that’s it. Final: 71-60. More from postgame later.

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