LIVE BLOG: Women’s and Men’s Doubleheader

Greeting folks!

It’s been awhile, but the blog is back!

Tonight features two games: the St. Joe’s women’s basketball team vs. the Providence Lady Friars and the St. Joe’s men’s basketball team against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.

In the first round, the (women) Hawks will be up against the Providence Lady Friars. The Friars went 19-15 last season, playing in a conference with some of giants of the game on the UConn women’s team. Statistically, the Lady Friars come into this game as a perfect match for the Hawks, with most stats differing by tenths of a point. The Friars lead the overall series 3-1, including a victory last season by the score of 88-57. Something tells me this game may be a bit closer, as this is the season opener for the Hawks. Another fun fact, the last time the two basketball teams played a doubleheader they took both games, albeit against Fordham at the beginning of this calendar year.

About 20 minutes to tipoff. Keep an eye on the blog for more updates!

5:03: With the National Anthem finished, the starters are announced. For the Hawks are: Kuester, Van Grinsven, Baker, Cavallo, and Prim. For the Friars we have: Tate, Wright, Hankins, Wells, and Barnes. The Hawks are wearing their… away Greys, while the Lady Friars wear their Blacks, not sure what typical uniform that is.

5:06:  Providence wins the tip, and gets the first basket thanks to Mi-Khida Hankins. On the following possession, Baker hits a jump from the line to tie the game up.

5:08: The Hawks force a turnover but Prim gets called on the travel. Hankins hits her second straight basket to make it 4-2 Lady Friars. On the next possession, Van Grinsven keeps the ball in the Hawks’ hands, and Cavallo hits one from the post. Teya Wright comes right back for the Lady Friars, making it 6-4 Friars.

5:10: Van Grinsven misses a short jumper, but after a Tate miss the Hawks get the ball back. Prim drives to the hoop, misses, but the Hawks get the ball back. Score remains 6-4 Providence.

5:14: After a timeout on the floor Kuester drains a shot from beyond the arc to give St. Joe’s a lead. The Hawks then get the defensive rebound, but a travel gives Providence the ball. Another round of solid D gives the Hawks the ball again. Cavallo gets pushed and the ball comes loose, but after another rebound she gets the points she deserved.

5:16: Van Grinsven skies a ball, but it magically goes in. She then pulls the ball away next possession, but a steal gives Providence the ball. Simone Roberts then hits a 3 to make it 11-9 Hawks. Shelby Smith gets a foul on the other end, and Roberts misses one of two foul shots. On the other end though, Baker, doing her best Air Jordan impression, makes it to the net for two. 13-10 Hawks.

5:20: After a Providence timeout, Bryant gets called for a foul. Okafor misses both shots for the Friars, and Baker pulls down the rebound. Kuester misses the three on the other end, and after a toss up on the floor. Providence gets the ball. The score remains 13-10 Hawks with 11:35 left.

5:23: Friars called on the travel, and Baker gets two more on the other end. Providence comes back with two on their own. Allie Jones drops the ball, but an offensive foul gives the ball back to St. Joe’s. Jones gets a foul call her way the next drive, but misses her free throws. Lola Wells brings the lead to 1 as she hits a shot on the other end.

5:27: With under 8:30 left, Tate hits a 3 to give the Lady Friars the lead. A turnover on the other side sets the Friars up for another score after the timeout. 17-15 Friars.

5:31: After a a pair of possession changes, the Hawks tie the game with a Prim jumper.  A tossup on the other side gives the Hawks the ball and an opportunity to take the lead. Kelly Cavallo does just that, and the Hawks now have a 19-17 lead.

5:34: Mireia Vila misses the deep two, but Cavallo pulls the board down. Van Grinsven again dominates the basket to make it 21-17 Hawks. After a defensive rebound, Cavallo hits the layup to make it 23-17. Quieting the crowd, however, Providence ends the Hawk run with a jumper. On the next drive, Vila goes up for the shot and gets fouled. Keeping possession for the Hawks.

5:39: After a timeout on the floor, Vila hits one of two free throws to make it 24-19 Hawks. Van Grinsven pulls the rebound and pushes it to Prim for a quick 2. Cavallo then gets a rebound of her own, but Vila is called on the travel. 26-19 Hawks.

5:42: Hawks let up two to the Lady Friars, but Van Grinsven assists Baker for payback. Wright then gets two more for the Lady Friars with less than a minute to go. Van Grinsven then hits the jumper to make it 30-23 Hawks. After misses from the Lady Friars, the half ends with the Hawks still up by 7.

5:46: At the half, the Hawks have done what they were able to do all last season: rotate players. All but two of the women have played so far, and Cavallo, Baker, and Van Grinsven are leading the way points-wise. This is the epitome of a team effort, however, and it shows on the scoreboard. If the Hawks can continue this pace, there is no reason they should not be able to hold this lead.

5:59: Back from the half and Providence has the ball. Wright hits a solid jumper for two opening points, but Van Grinsven comes back and answers with two.

6:03: Michelle baker shows off her aerial skills again as she tabs two more for the Hawks. Cavallo gets called on a foul, and after the reset Providence gets called for a double dribble. Van Grinsven again plows to the net, for another shot, giving the Hawks an 11 point lead.

6:05: Providence gets a quick two, and on the next drive Kuester gets fouled on a shot. Kuesters goes on to sink both shots. Tate strikes again for Providence with a three, but then Kuester answers with one of her own, forcing the Lady Friars to take a timeout. Hawks now up 41-30.

6:09: After the timeout, Wright gets called for an elbow, giving St. Joe’s the ball. The Hawks miss the shot, and Providence answers with two. Cavallo then hits a layup, and after a turnover Prim gets one of her own to make it 45-32 Hawks. Van Grinsven takes another Providence miss, and on the other end Cavallo hits yet another basket.

6:14: The Hawks play smart defense, but Baker misses a 3 to give the Friars the ball back. Wright drives to the basket and gets the foul. And one opportunity coming up, Hawks lead 47-34.

6:17: Wright misses her shot, and with the ball, Dominique Bryant misses a mid-range jump. On the other end, Providence is called on the double dribble. Vila passes it to an open Cavallo for yet another layup. Hawks now up 49-34. If the Hawks can keep this power duo of Cavallo and Van Grinsven healthy and foul free, there could be a juggernaut under the net.

6:22: Less than 10 minutes to go, Baker hits a nice shot, but Providence answers. Hawks still have a 13 point lead, though. Baker is on fire right now, as after a turnover she again hits a quick layup. Wright comes back for the Lady Friars to add two to their score. Hawks up 55-42.

6:27: Providence gets another quick two, and after an out of bounds call on Shelby Smith, have the chance to make this a single digit margin.

6:29: Less than 6:30 left. The Friars have cut the lead to 9, but Keuster has the opportunity to make it double digits again with two foul shots. She does just that, and the Hawks are up 57-46.

6:33: While the D turns it up on the next drive, a traveling call gives the Lady Friars the ball back. After the Friars miss, Kuester makes the shot and gets the foul. She sinks the extra shot and on the other end good defense gives the Hawks the ball back.

6:36: With Providence going for a shot, Cavallo gives a nice block. Baker goes up for a shot, misses, but gets the foul. Shots to come after the under-4 timeout.

6:39: Baker hits both shots to make it 62-46 Hawks. On the other end Providence gets a Cavallo foul and hits one of two shots. Baker misses her layup, but gets the rebound on defense. Van Grinsven again powers down the court and hits for another two. Providence then misses yet again, and with 1:22 left this looks wrapped up.

6:43: The last minute winds down. Providence gets one last shot, but it’s over. The Hawks win 64-49. Stay tuned for more updates as the men’s game approaches.

7:18: Due to technical difficulties, I couldn’t get internet until now, including a blog I was unable to edit. Check the print edition of the Hawk for more on both games, including postgame comments from coaches Griffin and Martelli.

A quick preview: WKU is huge. The average height is 6-4. This could pose major problems if the Hawks don’t run the court. Let’s hope, for victory’s sake, they do.

Tipoff is T-Minus 10 minutes. More updates to follow!

7:27: Starters for the Hawks: Aiken, Quarles, Galloway, Hilliard, and Jones. Yes, that’s three Freshmen. For Western Kentucky: Patillo, Dickerson, Brown, Peters, and Pettigrew.

7:39: And the Hawks take the tip. Galloway goes up for the quick shot, but gets the O foul. Oh boy. On a good note, same happened to WKU, so the Hawks now have the ball back. Jones finally gets two points, and the crowd goes, as you would expect, nuts.

7:40: Did I mention these guys were big? The Hawks just got posterized and then blocked. Pettigrew comes back and hits a jumper, and then the Hilltoppers get the ball back on OB call.

7:43: After a Galloway 3, Quarles gets the foul. WKU gets two free throws in, making it 5-6 WKU.

7:44: Galloway gets his second foul of the game, looks like we’ll need someone to fill in, and it’ll be Ron Roberts. WKU hits one free throw to make it 7-5.

7:47: Crosgile hits a 3, but WKU comes back hard. It’s 12-8 WKU. And I think my internet problems are solved.

7:50: Cliff Dixon posterizes the Hawks this time. That’s two posters already! There is some hope, though. These young kids are just off the mark. If they try closer shots they may get success.

7:53: What they lack on offense, though, they make up for on defense. Rebounds and blocks galore. Dixon is tearing this team up right now, and the Hawks need someone to step it up.

7:54: These guys need to figure out how to make baskets quick. They’re just missing, but those misses could build up fast if the defense breaks.

7:56: Charoy Bentley in, and he suffers the same fate as Galloway: foul on the first drive. Quarles then gets his second foul, and this team could be in trouble. Hawks keep the ball this time on an OB call, and Carl Jones is back in the game.

7:58: Tay gets fouled on a 3, and shots are coming after a timeout. Hawks down 18-10.

8:00: Tay hits 3 straight to cut the lead to 5. Defense comes up big again for the Hawks, but a basket interference gets called on the Hawks. Pattillo again hits for two. After a miss at the basket, WKU gets Pattillo with his second foul, which could provide opportunity for the Hawks.

8:03: Dixon fills in where Pattillo left off, scoring for WKU. Score is 22-13. Ron Roberts fouled and shooting two.

8:04: One and One, correction, and he misses the first. Crosgile forces the turnover, however, and Hilliard capitalizes. Aiken gets the first points of his young career, a 3, and magically the Hilltopper lead is down to 4.

8:06: Defense helps the Hawks again, and Aiken now capitalizes with a layup. He then comes up with the block, and Tay ties the game. Wow.

8:07: The crowd gets quiet quickly, as Pettigrew sinks a 3. I’m still in awe of CJ Aiken’s five point swing.

8:10: Hilliard misses the layup, and Kerusch hits a 3. Aiken hits… open air. Crosgile then comes back with a 3. Can you say fast paced?

8:11: Kerusch gets a quick 2, WKU up 30-25. Miscommunication almost gives the Hawks a missed opportunity, but in the Swilling gets fouled for two. Swilling misses the first and makes the second, lead now at 4.

8:14: Baptiste fouls Pettigrew on a shot, and he  makes both. A miss gives WKU the ball back, and Kerusch gets a layup. Swilling hits a quick two, but Pettigrew answers. A Crosgile miss leads to a turnover, and Carl Jones fould Kerusch on the other end. 36-28 WKU.

8:19: Kerusch hits both free throws, and after a turnover Peters gets the easy layup. O’Brien gets on the board with a layup, keeping the deficit somewhat manageable.

8:21: O’Brien gets fouled, and thanks to a Hilltopper hand gets two points on one shot. Tay now in to shoot two on a foul. He hits one and the lead is at 11 in favor of the Hilltoppers. Dixon gets a controversial call to go his way, but only hits one of two free throws.

8:24: Hilliard gets a good layup, and then gets the rebound on the other end. Hilliard misses the 3, but Tay chases the ball down before we have another posterization (I like that word tonight). Kerusch then hits a 3 to make it a 13 point lead.

8:26: Before the half ends, Aiken saves some face with a solid 3. Hopefully something the team can build on in the second half.

8:27: Well, this was a sloppy half. Misses, bad calls, and overall sloppy play plagued the Hawks. The Hilltoppers helped out with some foul troubles, which could help the Hawks in the second half if the numbers continue to pile. If the men can get a little more accurate with their shots, I think they definitely could turn this game around. Whether that happens or not is another question, one we’ll have to wait and see what the answer is.

8:42: Pattillo makes his return known with and immediate Alley-oop. Hawks miss the first chance but get a second opportunity. Quarles makes his return known in turn with a nice layup. Crosgile gets the rebound on the other side, and Galloway makes sure the crowd knows he’s back with a deep 2. Quarles gets a defensive board, but a mishandle leads to a Dickerson 3. WKU up by 11.

8:45: Hilliard sinks another deep 2, and Galloway gets a turnover. Crosgile misses a 3, and Dickerson hits yet another 3.

8:47:Another mishandle, another WKU dunk. This time thanks to Peters, who absolutely posterizes (see what I did there?) the Hawks yet again.

8:54: The Hawks have two opportunities and miss both, and Pettigrew gets two more. Quarles does come back for two more, but Pattillo is just a beast and gets two back. WKU up 62-46.

8:55: Pettigrew gets two, and Galloway gets a basket plus potentially one more. Let me give you an idea of what it’s like here: before the Galloway basket, the cheerleaders made the most noise  on the drive.

8:57: WKU is too much. Karusch adds two on a layup, and Roberts gets fouled on the other end, and makes one of two.

8:59: Karusch may have just planted the dagger. A deep 3 makes it 69-50, and Hilliard gets an offensive foul.  Three more here and… oy vey.

9:00: Jamal Crook gets a foul called on him and the Hawks will have the ball. If the situation could get any worse, the Hawk just got hit with a Basketball by the ref.

9:03: WKU fouls Tay, who shoots one after a basket, which he makes to make it 69-53 Hawks. Todd O’Brien gets fouled, and Dixon is up to shoot two. He misses both, but McDonald gets two anyway after a Crosgile miss.

9:06: Tay Jones makes two foul shots, but Pattillo fires right back. Hilliard misses the easy layup, and Pattillo gets the bucket and the foul on the other end. The Extra point makes it a 21 point lead for the Hilltoppers.

9:07: The Hawks couldn’t make a shot if they tried at this point. No one is on-point, and WKU is making sure the Hawks pay for every mistake.

9:09: Can I get a rebound? Galloway gets a dunk to fire up the crowd, but it may be too late. The crowd is fired up, but the score just isn’t getting any closer. Quarles picks up his fourth foul on the day, and McDonald sinks a 3 on the reset. Hilliard gets two, but it only makes it a 22 point lead now.

9:12: Pattillo adds two to his line for the day, and then Aiken gets called on the offensive foul. 83-59 WKU.

9:16: A three makes the Hawks in danger of a 30 point deficit. A layup makes it 29. As expected, there go the students.

9:18: Did I mention Western Kentucky is dominating?

9:20: WKU gets called on the travel, Jones misses the 3, misses two more shots, and the Hilltoppers have the ball. They miss the 3, and Tay gets his two points. As per usual, Kerusch gets his 3. 93-63 WKU.

9:24: Ron Roberts gets a basket and a foul. Misses the and-one but WKU pushes the ball out of bounds. Galloway gets a three, and the Hawks have the ball after a travel. Kerusch gets yet another 3, and Crosgile answers with a layup. Pattillo then answers that with another 2, and they have the ball again.

9:28: That’ll about do it for this game. Final score 98-70. Hey at least it wasn’t 100. For postgame and a preview of next game, check the print edition of the Hawk. I’m Tom Hagan, and I’ve written about 9 pages on this night. This is me signing off.

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