St. Joe’s vs. VCU LIVE Blog

8:50: Prim gets called on the foul, her third. VCU hits two free throws, which is answered by a Djouara layup. Patterson then misses both free throws. Kuester misses a three, and with that the game is over. Final score 74-63.

8:46: Kita Waller hits the dagger, a three to give VCU a 15 point lead. Prim hits a layup but it’s too little, too late. 73-60 VCU with 45 seconds left.

8:43:  Moss knocks down another two on free throws, and this game looks to be done.

8:37: On the next possession, Logue gets called for the offensive foul, and After two more from VCU, the Hawks get one on a Prim free throw. The Hawks then get another chance after a VCU foul, but Ford gets called on the travel. Prim then gets clotheslined on the next possession, Katie Kuester gets an obvious no call. I’m sorry, but this officiating is on par with today’s Villanova-Robert Morris game. I think I’ll quote Bill Simmons and modify it just a bit,  would Cindy Griffin be wrong for punching the ref at the end of this game?8:32: Djouara misses the jumper, but grabs the board on the other end. After a Moss foul, Logue gets to the basket to end the Rams’ scoring run. VCU then gets called on the shot clock violation to give the Hawks back the ball. VCU up 66-56 with 3:47 left.

8:28: After a Gillespie board, Ford gets fouled on the offensive drive. She misses the first and second, and on the next drive makes up for it with the block that wakes up the crowd. After a Waller layup, Gillespie gets called on the technical foul. Moss hits both free throws to give VCU a 12 point lead.

8:26: Patterson hits a jumper to give the Rams now an eight point lead. Prim then gets called on the offensive foul to give VCU the ball again.

8:22:  Kuester knocks down another deep three to cut the lead to two. Moss then hits another two to keep the lead at four. Hurt then adds two more for what seems an unstoppable night. VCU takes a timeout with a 60-54 lead and 7:37 left.

8:21: After Bryant hits one of two free throws, Hurt strikes again to give VCU a 56-51 lead and make Cindy Griffin call a timeout. The duo of Hurt and Moss now have 46 of VCU’s 56 points tonight.

8:18: Hurt hits yet another layup to bring the VCU lead to 3. Djouara cuts it to one with a jumper on the other end, but Moss knocks down a three to bring the lead to four. 54-50 VCU with 10:24 left.

8:15: Logue gets called for her third foul of the night, and Moss hits both free throws to give VCU a 49-48 lead. Smith then gets called on the offensive foul to give VCU the ball after the Under 12 timeout.

8:12: Hurt hits another shout, and after a quick Hawk miss on the ensuing possession, Moss gets another two to take the lead. Djouara hits a quick two to retake the lead, 48-47 with 12:18 left.

8:07: Ford picks up her third foul of the night, and after a Hurt miss and a possession, the Amy Gillespie calls timeout to save possession.  After the inbounds, Bryant hits the jumper, and the Hawks get the ball back after it rolls out of bounds. Gillespie gets called for the travel, and Moss hits a three on the other end. Hawks up 46-43 with 13:51 left.

8:01: Hurt hits another short shot to add to her total. Logue misses the three attempt, and Gillespie fouls Waller on the other end, who misses her first free throw and then her second, but the Hawks can’t finish on the other end. After a few possession changes, Ford hits a layup after a Djouara assist. At the under 16 timeout, the Hawks are up 44-40 with 15:46 left.

7:58: Gillespie opens the second half with another three, but Hurt adds to her night with a jumper. On the other end, Bryant misses an open 3, but Logue picks up the slack with a block and a rebound. Patterson picks up a foul on the SJU possession, and on the inbounds, Logue gets yet another layup. 42-38 Hawks.

7:49: No surprise here, Ashley Logue is dominating the stat sheet: 13 points, 3 rebounds, a block and two steals.  While the Hawks have had the lead a good amount of the time, the game has been sloppy at times. 6 fouls (including a few offensive) and 12 turnovers have given VCU opportunities in this game. The Hawks will need to tighten up their handling and foul control if they want to win this game.

Along with this, Katie Kuester has been tearing it up this postseason. She hit three straight three pointers against Fordham to get the Hawks going, and tonight she’s already 3-3 from beyond the arc. If she can keep this up, the Rams could be in trouble.

7:40: After a pair of possession changes, Gillespie grabs the rebound, leading to a Patterson foul. After the inbounds, Gillespie dishes to Logue for the layup. Logue then gets called for her second foul on a Moss layup that counted. She hits the free throw, and Djouara gets the layup on the other end. With seconds left, Lane quickly drives down the court to hit a last second layup herself. At the half, St. Joe’s leads 37-36. Halftime stats to come.

7:35: Prim hits both free throws to give St. Joe’s a four-point lead. Moss cuts it back to two on the next possession, but is answered by a Logue layup on the other end. The Hawks force another turnover, which leads to a Djouara jumper. Hurt knocks down another jumper, however, making it 33-29 Hawks with 1:46. Hurt gets another two points, and VCU calls timeout. St. Joe’s is holding on to a 33-31 lead.

7:32: On the next Joe’s possession, Bryant hits her first three of the night. She then forces the turnover which leads to Prim getting fouled, shooting two after the under-4 timeout. Hawks lead 27-25 with 3:36 left.

7:29: Logue gets the block and a layup with a foul on the other end. She hits the free throw for the old fashioned three point play. Lane finds an opening and hits the quick jumper for VCU. Gillespie misses the three attempt, and lane hits the layup and gets the Kuester foul for a FT attempt. She hits the free throw to give the Rams a 25-24 lead with 4:30 left.

7:27: Logue comes in for Ford, and on the possession Djouara misses the pass. Logue picks up the rebound on the other end, but VCU intercepts another pass. Cavallo gets the defensive board, but Kuester gets called on the travel. 21-20 Hawks.

7:24: Baker snags a quick layup to get this crowd going. Hawks are up 21-18. Moss gets the layup off an offensive rebound, and on the next possession Ford loses the ball. Thankfully for the Hawks, VCU gets called on a double dribble to get the ball back. At the Under 8 timeout, Hawks are up 21-20. Logue checks in after the timeout.

7:18: Smith, Cavallo, and Baker in for the Hawks. Solomon comes in for VCU and gets a foul. Baker misses the jumper, and on the other end Patterson hits a 3 for the Rams. Not to be outdone, Kuester hits another three to keep it at two. After a pair of possession changes, Kuester hits yet another 3 to give the Hawks a lead. 19-18 Hawks.

7:16: Moss hits a jumper to make it 12-11 VCU. On the ensuing possession, Ford gets a layup, but it’s countered by a Taylor 3 on the other end. Logue then gets the call on an offensive foul, her first of the game. Hawks down 15-13 with 11:45 left.

7:15: Hurt hits two freethrows, and Kuester and Ford check in for the Hawks. Prim misses a layup, but Ford pulls down the board on the other end. Kuester then knocks down a 3, something she’s had a lot of success with lately.

7:11: Hurt gives the Rams the lead on  layup, a Prim miss gives the Rams the ball again, but Bryant pulls down the board on the miss. Gillespie loses the ball on the ensuing possession, which leads to a foul on Prim near the basket. VCU will be shooting two after the under 16 timeout.

7:10: Logue gets another layup, and a turnover on the other end leads to an easy Prim layup. Hurt hits a mid-range jumper to retire the game at 6 with 15 minues left.

7:08: VCU forces a turner, but another Djouara rebound gives the Hawks the ball. Logue gets called on the travel, and on the ensuing possession a missed 3 gives leads to a missed 3 by Logue on the other end. Moss gets two more for VCU, tying the game at 4.

7:06: Djouara pulls down a rebound on defense, but Gillespie misses a 3 giving VCU the ball. A foul on the Rams gives the HAwks the the ball again, but it leads to a missed jumper by Prim. Hurt gets VCU’s first points on a layup, making it 4-2 St. Joe’s with 17:33 left.

7:05: VCU wins the tipoff, but Logue gets the still and later gets the layup for the first points of the games. Bryant forces another turnover on the other end, leading to another layup. Hawks up 4-0.

7:03 Starters for VCU: Lane, Patterson, Waller, Moss, and Hurt. For SJU: Bryant, Logue, Gillespie, Prim, and Djouara.

6:54: Minutes to gametime now, I’ll have starters for you when announced. Something I forgot to mention earlier: In the all-time series between these two teams, VCU is 2-0, winning in both 2006 and 2007.

5:25: Hey there folks, Tom Hagan here live at the Hagan Arena for tonight’s first round WNIT game between the Hawks and the Virginia Commonwealth Rams.

VCU is making its third straight postseason appearance and is also coming off its third straight 20-win season. In their last game, they fell to James Madison in the semifinals of the Colonial Athletic Association conference tournament semifinals. Leading the way for VCU is a pair of senior scoring threats, Kita Waller and D’Andra Moss, who average 16 and 17.3 points per game, respectively. These two could prove trouble for St. Joe’s, who have had struggles with scoring tandems in the past.

The Hawks enter this NIT losing a second round A-10 tournament game to Charlotte in overtime. The four seniors on this year’s squad have led the way for the Hawks in the past four games, with Brittany Ford and Ashley Logue providing consistent scoring while Amy Gillespie and Marieme Djouara have provided last second shots to help propel the Hawks to victory. If St. Joe’s can combine the effort of the seniors with consistent production off the bench from players like Katie Kuester, ’12, and Shelby Smith, ’13, they could find themselves moving on in the tournament.

Well folks, that’s it for now. Look for more updates from the game above this post as the night goes on.

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