St. Joe’s vs. Duquesne LIVE Game Blog

3:53: Ford misses the free throw, but lays down a nasty block on the other end. The seniors get called off the court to cheers as the clock runs down, winning 69-56. The victory gives the Hawks the fifth seed in the Atlantic 10 tournament.

3:51: Pollino misses the 3, and after getting the rebound Logue is fouled by Pryor, shooting two. She misses the first, and makes the second, and on the other end Abel misses the shot to give the Hawks the ball. Ford gets the rebound and draws the foul, Pollino’s fifth of the game.

3:47: Ford gets called on a questionable offensive foul , but intercepts the pass on the other end. Djouara miss the layup to give the Dukes the ball. Pollino gets the layup to cut the lead to four. Shelby Smith then gets the layup to bring it back to six. Gensler misses the 3, and on the Hawk possession, the Hawks waste some clock and cap the drive with two points from Gillespie. the Hawks bring the lead back up to 8 with 1:06 left in the game.

3:45: Smith hits a quick layup, but Pryor counters on the other end. Coach Griffin calls a timeout to figure things out. Hawks up 62-56 with 3:10 left.

3:43:  3:46 left in the game, Hawks up 60-54 at an official timeout.

3:38: Djouara fouls Pryor, who shoots a one and one. She hits the first, misses the second, and an offensive rebound and a Prim foul gives Pryor another chance for points. She hits one of the free throws and the Hawks now have the ball. Gillespie then hits a three to get the crowd back into this game. On the other end, Pryor misses and Frederick fouls, giving Djouara a one and one. She hits the first and the second to give the Hawks another 8 point lead. Prim gets her fourth foul of the game to give Gensler a 1 and 1. She hits the first and second to keep the Dukes alive.

3:36: Prim hits fer first free throw, but misses the second. Ford intercepts a pass on the other end to give the Hawks another chance. Ford misses the layup but draws the Pollino foul to shoot 2. She misses the first free throw but makes the second to give SJU a 5 point lead.

3:35: On the next possession, Ford pulls down the rebound and gets fouled. On the inbound, Prim is fouled by Able, leading to a 1 and 1 for Prim.

3:32: Off the inbound, the Dukes are called on the travel during a scramble for the ball. Djouara pulls up and misses the jumper, but gets fouled by Gensler, shooting 2. She hits the first to retie, and hits the second to retake the lead. A bad pass gives the Hawks the ball again to reestablish a small lead. Djouara finds spaces and hits the jumper this time, Hawks up 53-50.

3:29: Ford loses the ball and Prim fouls on the Duke drive. Dukes now have the bonus, which is no good for St. Joe’s. Duquesne up 1 at the Under 8 timeout, 50-49.

3:26: Hawks have another miss and Duquesne gets a chance to tie. Abel speeds past Ashley Logue for a layup to bring the lead to 1. Hawks then get called on the travel, and things don’t look good. Pollino gets fouled by Prim on the missed jumper and gets a chance to take the lead from the foul line. She hits the first to tie, and the second to get the one point lead.

3:25: Baker misses an easy layup on a turnover, and on the other side Able hits a 3 to bring the Hawks’ lead down to 3 with a score of 49-46.

3:23: Logue back into the game. Kuester misses a long 3 attempt, and Pollino gets the layup to shave the lead to 6.

3:21: Pollino hits another layup and Cavallo misses on the other end. Duquesne gets called for the travel, leading to the under 12 timeout. Hawks up 49-41 with 11:11 left in the game.

3:18: Pryor hits a 3 coming out of the timeout, but on the other end Cavallo is able to draw the foul and shoot two. She hits the first and second attempts, giving the Hawks a 10 point advantage.

3:14: Hawks throw it out of bounds giving the Dukes a chance to cut the lead down a bit. Kelly Cavallo, just put in, gets a nice block and Kuester hits a short jumper. Bryant gets a foul on the reach-in, leading to Ford replacing her on the court. Ford then gets her third foul  and Pryor makes a layup on the inbound. She makes up for the foul on the other end with a solid drive to the net. Baker forces a turnover, which leads to another Ford layup. Timeout: Duquesne. Hawks up 47-36.

3:13: After the timeout, Bryant gets the layup. Logue forces the turnover, but Gensler  intercepts a pass and gets the layup.  41-34 Hawks.

3:12: Under 16 timeout. Hawks looking a little shaky to start the half as the defense has been a little porous. They’ll need to fix that to preserve the seven point lead they currently have.

3:08: Ford fouls Pollino on the layup, and she misses the potential three-point play. Duquesne forces a turnover, but they miss and Ford picks up the rebound. Ford loses the ball on a double team, and on the other end Frederick hits the 3.

3:06: Logue misses but Djouara rebounds and gets the layup. She then picks up two consecutive defensive rebounds and on the Hawks’ drive Prim gets fouled. Logue misses the rebound, and after a Pollino miss and a Ford rebound, Prim hits a 3 to give the Hawks an 11 point lead.

3:05:  Hawks get the basketball to start the second half. Djouara misses a jumper pretty badly, and Pryor hits a jumper on the other end to make it 34-27 Hawks.

2:54: Halftime, folks. As the 1984-85 women’s team is honored, here’s how the game has looked so far: The Hawks have been playing with serious passion this afternoon, especially the Seniors. Ashley Logue has eight points and a team-high nine rebounds to this point, providing a crucial presence under the net. Already up nine, the Hawks just need to keep up this energy for 20 mor minutes and they should have themselves one last win in the regular season.

In other scores, Charlotte is up big in their game against UMass, which is not good news for the Hawks. If they win, the Hawks will most likely end up with the 5 seed going into the conference tournament with a win of their own.

2:48: Ford gets the rebound, loses it, but is picked up by Smith, who is then called on the offensive foul on a layup. That ends the half, with the Hawks up 34-25.

2:42: And Gillespie smacks the inbounds out. Next try, Djouara gets the turnover, but a three second violation leads to the Dukes getting the ball. Ford holds her ground and Gensler gets the offensive foul. Smith misses a 3, but Logue gets the rebound and fouled on the layup attempt. she hits both free throws, and the Hawks pull down the rebound as Duquesne fouls Djouara, who shoots a one and one. She hits both attempts, giving the Hawks a 34-23 lead. Logue then pulls down another rebound which leads to a block on Gillespie and a layup by the Dukes.

2:39: Ford hits both free throws and Logue pulls down the rebound on the other end. Ford then grabs another two points of a layup which is countered by a jumper from Duquesne’s Amanda Peck. Shelby Smith misses a three, and a miss on the other end leads to a toss up with the Dukes getting the possession arrow.

2:36: Pryor hits one of her free throws, but a bad pass by Prim leads to a Pryor 3 on the other end, cutting the Hawks’ lead to 5. Ford and Djouara both miss, but Logue picks up the defensive rebound. Ford misses a layup but gets fouled and will be shooting two.

2:33: Hawks get the inbound pass and quickly take it down the court. Bryant misses the 3 and Logue gets the foul trying to pull in the board. On the following possession, Bryant gets the foul on defense. Pryor gets the layup to bring the lead to 7. Kuester pulls intercepts a Duke pass and Logue takes it to the basket for two more points. Pryor draws the foul on Baker and will be shooting two.

2:32: Bryant pulls down the rebound and gets fouled fighting for possession. This leads us to the under 8 timeout with the Hawks up 24-15.

2:29: Baker misses on the jumper from the foul line, and on the next possession Baker gives up the foul. She makes up for it by scooping up the loose ball on the inbound pass and laying it in for a quick two points.

2:28: Smith and Baker check in, and Pollino lays it in for a quick two. Bryant misses a 3 attempt which leads to a Gensler three as the Dukes cut this lead down quickly to 7. Coach Cindy Griffin calls a timeout to try and get things back in order.

2:26: Logue forces another turnover which leads to a Kuester 3! Hawks on a roll so far as the Dukes are forced to call a timeout down 22-10 with 9:54 left.

2:23: Under 12 timeout. Djouara gets the foul defending Pryor on a layup, who will be shooting two after the timeout. She hits both shots, but Prim hits a small jumper to keep the lead at 5. A quick turnover leads to Prim getting fouled by Pollino under the net. Prim hits one of two free throws, and on the next drive Logue intercepts the ball and Bryant (in for Ford) hits a nice 3. Hawks up 19-10.

2:21: Brichter misses the 3 and push it out of bounds for Duquesne, giving the Hawks the ball. Logue pulls in the rebound and makes it 13-8 Hawks with a layup.

2:20: And I almost get sniped by a rogue basketball.

2:18: Logue picks up a loose ball, who pulls up for a long two and sinks it. Hawks now up 11-8. So far, it looks as though the seniors are playing with passion, and it’s showing on the scoreboard.

2:15: On the inbound, Pollino gets the ball off a Logue block and lays it in to give the Dukes a four  point lead. Prim gets it in the basket with only seconds left on the shot clock. The Hawks then get the rebound, and Logue draws the foul on Carly Vendemia, who just entered the game. Djouara hits a deep 3 to give the Hawks a 9-8 lead.

2:13: Gillespie gets called on the travel, and Gensler gets the layup on the next possession, 6-4 Dukes. Ford gets called on the foul, which leads to the Under 16 timeout.

2:11: Djouara draws the foul on Pryor, and on the inbound Logue ties the game on a layup. The Dukes then get called on the travel, giving the Hawks the ball.

2:10: Pollino gives the Dukes their first points on a layup, and on the next possession, Ford gets called on the travel. Gillespie forces the turnover, but Ford misses the layup. The Dukes take the lead on a Pryor layup, up 4-2.

2:08: Game time. The Hawks win the tip off, and after a pair of defensive rebounds, one for each team, Djouara tips the ball in for the first points of the game. A miss by the Dukes give s the Hawks another chance at points, but Ford misses her jumper.

2:04: With the national anthem and the announcing of the starters, we’re off. On a side note, in attendance is our President Timothy Lannon, S.J., wearing his trademark beige sweater.  Still waiting for the burgundy to make an appearance this year. Maybe at the men’s senior day?

1:52: As the clock winds down, the seniors get their moment in the spotlight with well-deserved honors. On a side note, here are the afternoon’s starters: for the Dukes: Pryor, Gensler, Frederick, Abel, and Pollino. For the Hawks: Djouara, Ford, Prim, Gillespie, and Logue.

12:54: Hey there folks, Tom Hagan here covering the last regular-season game for the St. Joe’s women’s basketball team against the Duquesne Dukes. The Hawks (15-13, 8-5 A-10) come into his game having lost to UMass this past Thursday night by a score of 75-62. Despite a pretty good day for the Hawk offense, St. Joe’s just could not hold the Minutewomen in the final minutes to prevent a comeback.

The Dukes (19-9, 9-4 A-10) come in off a win against La Salle at home this past Wednesday. This game is crucial for both teams, as a win by either team means big things for seeding in the Atlantic 10 tournament. If the Hawks win, then there will be at least a three-way tie for fourth place in the conference. A win by the Dukes means that the Dukes stay in sole possession of fourth place and the best that St. Joe’s can do is finish fifth in the conference.

If that wasn’t enough, today also happens to be senior day for St. Joe’s, who are sending off Ashley Logue, ’10, Amy Gillespie, ’10, Mariame Djouara, ’10, and Brittany Ford, ’10. Emotions are sure to run high today, but if the Hawks seniors can channel that emotion into offensive production, then they should pull out a tough win this afternoon.

Well folks, that’s it. All we can do now is sit back, relax, and wait for the game to begin. Look for more updates above this post as the game goes on.

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