Saint Joe’s Hawks vs. Temple LIVE Game Blog

2:40 Looking back at the game, the Hawks put out one of their best efforts on the court this season, both offensively and defensively. In the second half, they came out firing on all cylinders defensively, with Phill Martelli not waiting around for players to warm up. “In the first half I was waiting for guys to play,” said Martelli, “I didn’t wait for guys to play in the second half.” Both Williamson and Govens led the offense today with 20 and 21 points, respectively. The problem for the Hawks, however, was Ramone Moore, who had a career-high 24 points and a team-high nine rebounds. Martelli admitted, “Every guy gave us something, but we didn’t do enough with Ramone Moore”. Despite finding a way to tighten up their inside defense, the Hawks couldn’t stop Ramon Moore and Juan Fernandez in Overtime, which ultimately led to heir demise today. Looking ahead, Phil Martelli summed it all up, “We have to be better on Monday than we were today. We have to go on the road an be an impact team.” If the Hawks want to have a chance to make it to Atlantic City, this will have to be the case: they’ll need to play well against Charlotte and later George Washington on the road if they want a chance to play in the conference tournament.

Well, that about wraps it up from the Palestra. This is Tom Hagan signing off after a rough loss for the Hawks by a score of 75-76 in Overtime.

2:15: With a Govens miss, it’s now foul time. Prescott misses a 3 and Fernandez gets fouled by Williamson. He makes one  and another Williamson miss seals this loss for the Hawks. Temple wins, 75-67. More postgame to come soon.

2:11: Govens hits a 3, his 231st, tying him with Marvin O’Connor for second all time in Hawk history. After a timeout, the Owls come down the court looking to drain the clock. Helping them out is Govens, who fouls Brooks on the drive. He sinks both, and the Owls lead it by six with 35.8 seconds remaining.

2:07: Govens makes all 3 shots, and the lead is now two. Allen dunks and gets the and-one, and the lead is back up to 5. Williamson misses the layup, and Moore hits another 2. Things are looking rough, folks.

2:05: Hilliard gets the turnover after a Govens miss, and Prescott airballs a 3. To make things worse, he gets called on the foul, leaving Brooks to shoot 2. He makes both, and the Owls are up 5. Govens gets fouled on a 3 attempt, which leaves him shooting 3.

2:01: Temple get the tipoff, and Fernandez starts things up with a 3. Williamson gets the layup to keep it within one. Moore gets the layup on the other end, however, to get the lead to 3.

1:58: Here we go. Williamson starts with the ball, hits the layup, but the Hawks mess up on defense to leave it tied. Overtime, here we come.

1:56: Crunch time. The SJU defense needs a big stop here that could make this a great upset. Brooks hits the quick two, but the Hawks now have the ball with the game tied and 21 seconds left on the clock.

1:54: Fernandez gets fouled and makes both free throws. CHRIS PRESCOTT HITS A 3! Dunphy calls a timeout as the SJU faithful blow out my ear drums.

1:51: Jones pulls the rebound down on the Temple drive, and is later fouled pushing his way the basket. He makes the first and second, sending this crowd into a frenzy. A Brooks 3 quickly turns things around for Temple, but Jones gets fouled again, this time by Guzman. Jones makes the first and second again, this time with under 1:15 remaining.

1:49: Williamson forces a turnover, and Hilliard lays in the ball to tie the game at 50. Fran Dunphy calls a timeout to reorganize his men and try and find a way to beat a Hawk team who is refusing to back down from this monumental challenge today.

1:45: O’Brien gets his fourth foul and Temple shoots a one and one. Allen makes the first and misses the second. Jones takes an uncalled foul and gives up the ball. Williamson picks up the rebound, but the ball bounces out and into Temple’s possession.

1:42: Fernandez fouls Williamson, who makes one of two. On the next drive, Temple takes the lead on an Allen layup. Phil calls a timeout with Temple up 49-48 with 4:34 remaining. This might be what the Hawks need, as Todd O’Brien looks plain winded.

1:40: Jones gets his second foul of the game to give the Owls another shot at trimming the lead, and they do with Moore laying in the ball with a foul. He makes the shot to tie up the game at 47.

1:38: Jones makes the shot, but Fernandez answers with a shot of his own. Williamson lays another in to get the lead to 3. Guys, slow down! I can’t type this fast….

1:37: Williamson intercepts the inbound pass and Govens lays it in! Hawks lead 42-40. Moore ties it up again with a layup, but Jones quickly gets a layup and a foul shot coming.

1:34: Under-8 timeout and things are getting interesting. the Hawks are doing all they can to stay in this game, and so far it’s worked. A few-point swing and the Hawks could get the momentum they need to make an upset. New Roll-Out: Temple: Juan and Done in March. Nice play on words.

1:31: O’Brien hits both, and this game is tied. O’Brien forces a turnover but misses a tip in. The Hawks then get the ball back after it flies out of bounds. Govens gets fouled before he can get to the basket, so he gets a one and one, missing the first attempt.

1:30: Temple turns it over, and O’Brien draws the foul on the ensuing drive, shooting two to tie up the game.

1:25: Jones hits the first free throw, but misses the second. On the next drive, Hilliard thinks fast and bounces the ball off a Temple player out of bounds. Hilliard misses the layup again, and Jones draws the foul on the next possession. He makes up ofr it by getting the rebound, which lets Williamson get fouled on the other end in a layup attempt. Garrett makes the first and second, and the Hawks are within two.

1:24: Under 12 time-out and a new Roll-Out: When Was Temple’s Perfect Season? Not bad.

1:22: Hawks play good D and Jones gets fouled on the drive after a Temple miss. Two more points will get the Hawks within 3.

1:21: Allen called for a push, his first foul of the game. Hilliard misses the layup, but a Temple miss lets Govens drop a 3.

1:18: Moore called for a push in the lane, and on the inbound Jones misses the 3, but O’Brien makes the rebound. Guzman knocks the three after a turnover, forcing the Hawks to take a timeout. Temple up 40-32 with 13:27 left.

1:15: Phrase coming from the SJU Bench: “Take their heart”. Not the most polite phrase, but it shows passion. Williamson blocks the first inbound attempt by Fernandez, and on the second Hilliard fouls Fernandez for three. He makes the first, the second, and third, giving TU a 3-point lead. Williamson misses a layup and Allen knocks down a jumper on the other end.

1:12: Crosgile makes 1 of two free throws, and on the next possession, Fernandez is pushed into a corner making Temple take a timeout. Joe’s is really trying to put pressure on Temple, and so far, so good. New SJU roll-out: Jameer Nelson: NBA All-star, Dionte Christmas: NBA Almost.

1:10: Under 16 Timeout. Crosgile will shoot two coming out. New SJU Roll-out: Even Bob Saget thinks TU fans have no class. Could someone let me know what that means?

1:09: Temple pulls down the rebound and draws a foul on Williamson. Govens pulls the rebound down on a miss, and Crosgile is fouled on the way to the basket shooting 2.

1:07: Williamson sink the foul shot, but Allen tips in a Temple miss to tie it at 31. Govens is called on the foul which leads to Jefferson shooting two. He makes both shots, making it 33-31 Owls.

1:05: Williamson makes the shot to narrow the lead to 1. Temple misses but the ball bounces off Idris and goes out of bounds. O’Brien pulls down the rebound, which leads to another and-1 for Garrett! He may look tired, but boy, does he have passion.

1:03: Hilliard forces another turnover, but a 3-second call gives Temple possession. After a rebound, Williamson drives down the court for the layup and the foul.

1:02: Temple starts the half with the ball, but Govens grabs the rebound which leads to a Crosgile jumper to knock the Owl lead to 4.

12:51: Here’s how things look at halftime: The Hawks are playing pretty well despite some bad ball handling and clock management skills. Despite being out-rebounded 21-15, the Hawks have kept things close by going 5-15 from beyond the arc while Temple has gone 0-7. Jones and Govens have provided almost all of the offensive production for the Hawks, something that can’t happen in the second half if they are going to try and make this an upset to remember. The Owls have been making their presence known inside, which means that the Hawks will need a stronger defensive effort from Baptiste and O’Brien, who missed substantial time in the first half thanks to two early fouls. Garrett Williamson has been the Hawks defensive mainstay so far, and just by his appearance warming up in the second half, he won’t be able to do that for 20 more minutes. If somehow the Hawks can strengthen their defense and make more of the opportunities Temple gives them on the offensive side, then this could game could have quite the interesting finish.

12:45: Owls turn it over and the Hawks get the ball with the shot clock off. Poor handling by Jones, however, leaves the Hawks with only a desperation 3 by Govens to end the half that misses the rim by a foot. Temple leads at the half, 29-23.

12:41: Dileo gets fouled on the Hawks drive, but the action is paused by a media timeout with 58.8 seconds left. Hawks could use some quick points before the half, but Irwin misses a 3 opportunity to halt that dream. Temple coach Fran Dunphy calls a timeout to make up a play that could leave the Owls up 9 at the half.

12:40: Poor shooting and missing foul calls are hurting the Hawks in these final two minutes. Another Allen dunk forces Phil Martelli to call a timeout with the score 29-23 Temple.

12:38: Govens misses a shot, and on the ensuing drive, Allen shows some authority with a dunk. Williamson  misses the two, and Moore comes back with a layup on the other end. 27-23 Temple.

12:37: Jones hits another three to give the Hawks the lead. But a Guzman jumper quickly ties things up again.

12:32: Coming out of the Under-8 timeout, Temple gets the ball thanks to the foul. A miss leads to three points from Jones, who brings the Hawks to within 1. Another Owl miss leads to an Irwin miss,  but an airball by Eric give the Hawks another chance. After Fernandez causes a turnover, Ramon Moore gets fouled on a botched dunk. He misses the first free throw and the second, and on the other end Jones is fouled Ryan Brooks.

12:30: After a miss by Crosgile, confusion sets in after a Williamson block which leads to a foul on Crosgile, who just happened to be in Michael Eric’s path.

12:26: Moore gets another 2, and after a rebound draws the foul and gets the basket. If he makes this, it’s a quick 5-point swing for the Owls. DiLeo comes in for Temple and Moore makes the shot. Irwin in for the Hawks, who seems to forget how to pass the ball when in trouble. Govens nails a 3 to bring this game back to 19-17, but Fernandez lays up to give the Owls a four point lead once again.

12:24: Fernandez also in for Temple. Williamson gets the turnover, but poor clock management leads to a bad shot. Thankfully, another Hawk rebound gives St. Joe’s another chance, which leads to a foul on Moore. Williamson hits a three, tying the game at 14. This could prove interesting.

12:21: Media timeout, with Prescott coming in for the Hawks and Jefferson in for the Owls. A second roll-out is not as witty from the Hawk Student Section: Your Alumni Work for Our Alumni. We’ve had better. Thanks to seating arrangements, I can’t see Temple’s response, but it got a rise from the crowd, so I assume it was decent.

12:19: Jones misses a three, and Eric drives to the hoop to add two more. Not to be outdone, Govens drops his first three of the game to make this game close. A turnover and layup by Govens now makes it 11-12 Owls. Moore comes back to add two more, silencing the student section for now.

12:17: Williamson draws a foul after getting a turnover, and makes both free throws to make it 10-4 Owls. On the next drive, the Hawks play good defense, getting the ball back, which leads to a Carl Jones jumper. 10-6 Owls.

12:15: Back in action after the Under-16 timeout with the Hawks in possession of the ball and an eight-point deficit. Carl Jones turns it over, and Todd O’Brien draws his second foul. Carl Baptiste in for the Hawks to give Todd some bench time.

12:14: First roll-out of the game: What Dionte didn’t get for X-mas: A CONTRACT. Well played, St. Joe’s, well played.

12:12: The Hawks call a timeout as this has already gotten rough. The Owls are up 10-2, and Phil Martelli is already steaming. Williamson gets the foul on Eric, leading up to the Under-16 timeout.

12:10: Temple gets the ball after O’Brien kicks it out of bounds. Govens gets the rebound but Hilliard gets a questionable foul that leads to two more points for Moore. Carl Jones is the first sub for the Hawks who comes in for Justin Crosgile after an O’Brien offensive foul.

12:09: Brooks lays it up for Temple, and the Owls get the rebound off a Crosgile miss. This leads to a Moore layup to give the Owls a 6-2 lead.

12:08: Allen hits a mid-range jumper to give the Owls the first points of the game. On the next possession, Govens hits a jumper of his own to tie the game at two.

12:06: Here we go, folks. Game time. Joe’s wins the tip off. Williamson misses the jumper, but Hilliard pulls down the rebound. Williamson drives and is blocked.

12:04: I just realized I’m 8 feet from Phil Martelli. This should be fun.

12:02: Starters for today’s game, for TU: Allen, Eric, Brooks, Guzman, and Moore. For SJU: Hilliard, O’Brien, Crosgile, Govens, and Williamson.

11:47: While we wait, here’s an idea of the atmosphere at today’s game: Temple’s band is loud, real loud. For being shoved up in the corner of this place, they are really taking advantage of acoustics. For a Noon start time, there’s quite a showing from the St. Joe’s student section, considering the nasty potential of this game. For their sake (and for mine), I hope the Hawks keep this one close.

Attendance wise, the Palestra looks like one would think the Plaestra would look 10 minutes before a game: half-empty. People keep filing in though, so I think this could be a packed house.

One last side note: I have a table that moves more than a boat on an angry sea. So if I have some typos, please excuse me, I haven’t quite gotten my sea-fingers just yet.

11:28: Hey there folks, Tom Hagan here at the Palestra for this afternoon’s game between the St. Joe’s Hawks and the Temple Owls. The Hawks ( 9-17, 3-9 A-10) come into this game needing every win they can get to make it to the Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament in Atlantic City. Coming off one of the worst losses of the season, an 88-52 drubbing by Xavier, the Hawks have it no easier today, as they go up against the #21 Temple Owls.

The Owls (21-5, 9-2 A-10) come in looking to make a move and get atop the conference with a win and a Richmond Loss. An almost certain NCAA tournament lock (whether through the Conference Tourney or an at-large bid), the Owls look to be major favorites in today’s game. Led in part by sophomore Juan Fernandez, Temple has a devastating offense that could tear up Phil Martelli’s defense if the Hawks aren’t careful.

With that, there’s nothing left but to sit back, relax, and wait for tip-off. Stay tuned for live updates from today’s game which will pop up above this post.

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