Liveblog: St. Joe’s Women’s Basketball vs. GW

3:57: With final box score in hand, it’s clear to see who today’s star was. Brittany Ford absolutely dominated the second half, finishing with 23 points overall, going 10-13 from the floor and 3-3 from the line. Both Logue and Djouara had better games than against La Salle, and Ashley Prim even began to heat up in the second half. With momentum in their favor, the Hawks will now face Temple on Tuesday night to try and extend their winning streak to 3. On a side note, this was head coach Cindy Griffin’s 200th win as head coach of the Hawks.  From the Hagan Arena on a snowy, windy afternoon, this is Tom Hagan signing off with the Hawks beating George Washington by 63-47.

3:51: And that’ll do it for the Hawks. St. Joe’s gets a healthy 16 point win over GW, 63-47. Be back with a wrapup in a little bit.

3:49: Prim forces a turnover with Baker now in the game. Wilson picks up the rebound on a Prim miss, but Gillespie picks up the Allums miss. Ford again adds to her point total today, and the Hawks are now up 63-47.

3:47: Prim again hits two free-throws on a foul, and on the other end Logue draws her third foul of the game. Shelton hits both FTs to cut the lead to 14.

3:45: Prim knocks down both free throws to give St. Joe’s a 57-42 lead. Myers knocks down a three to lower the lead to 12. Ford continues her dominant pace with another layup and it looks as little can stop the Hawks from winning today. Now, I’m no coroner, but I think it’s almost time to pronounce this game over.

3:43: Prim draws the foul on Mostafa, and after the under-4 minute timeout we should have free throws coming. Hawks up 55-42 with 3:40 left.

3:38: Bryant adds two more on the layup, and the Hawks are now clicking. Gillespie picks up a rebound, but a Myers steal and layup may mean this isn’t over yet. Colonials are doing everything to make this a game again, but with 4 minutes left, it may be too little too late.

3:37: Coach Mike Bozeman of the Colonials draws the technical foul after he lets his head get a little two hot. Gillespie knocks down both free throws, Hawks up 53-38.

3:34: Ford is on Fire! Another layup with an assist from Bryant gives the Hawks an 11 point lead. A Djouara rebound leads to Gillespie drawing a foul on Myers. Gillespie then hits both free throws to give the Hawks a 51-38 lead.

3:31: Ford adds another two to the Hawk lead, and at the under-8 timeout, St. Joe’s is threatening a double digit lead with the score now 47-38.

3:28: Gillespie knocks down a three pointer to stretch the Hawk lead to 7. Bryant then fouls Shelton , who goes 0-2 on free throws. Hawks up 45-38.

3:25: Shelton for GW gets fouled under the basket and hits both free throws. GW down 4, 42-38.

3:23: At the under-12 timeout, Hawks up 42-36 and will get the ball after Ford was fouled on the previous drive.

3:21: GW calls timeout after a layup by, you guessed it, Brittany Ford. Myers comes out of the TO with a layup to counter Ford’s efforts.

3:18: Mostafa continues her second half hot streak with another two points.  She then grabs a rebound off a Logue miss which leads to a Myers layup. Ford comes to the rescue once again with another layup. Hawks up 40-34 with under 13 to go.

3:17: Ford adds another layup to the mix with help from Prim to give the Hawks an eight point lead.

3:14: Another Ford layup! After a scramble for the ball, Hawks call timeout to keep possession (which by rule becomes a media timeout). Hawks now have the ball and the lead, 36-30.

3:12: Under 16 timeout, and I’m sad to say my little game partner has left. I guess it was naptime. Hawks looking pretty good so far, Logue and now Djouara both stepping up big. Add that to quality from Ford and things are looking up for St. Joe’s.

3:09: Djouara lays up to regain the Hawk lead, and a Djouara block (and a little luck) leads to another possession for the Hawks. After a GW miss, Ford drives into the lane to get the basket and one, giving the Hawks a 34-30 lead.

3:07: Nipe hits the Colonials’ first three of the game, and after a rebound Mostafa draws an and-one on Logue. She hits her free throw to give the Colonials the lead.

3:06: A Mostafa layup gives us the first points of the second half, and a Djouara layup on the other end gives the Hawks their first points. Hawks up 29-24 with 18:26 left.

2:55: Looking back at the first half, I guess I was half right. Ashley Logue has stepped up so far, going 3-5 from the floor and 3-4 from the line. Nothing like that from Djouara yet, but there is still 20 minutes to play before anything is set in stone. Thankfully Brittany Ford looks to be doing well after her injury, and her presence could be big as we look towards the second period.

What seems to be working well for the Hawks is the fact that coach Griffin is sharing the wealth, making sure almost every player has seen time on the court. All the Hawks need is for Mireia Vila to see some action and they’d have a full-house. If the Hawks can pull in front to a big enough lead, then we may just see that appearance before the game is over.

2:47: Wilson draws a foul on Gillespie near the basket. She hits both to cut the Hawk lead to 3. A Logue layup on the other side re-establishes the Hawk’s lead to 5 at the end of the first half, 27-22.

2:45: Mostafa reaches over Logue, giving her a 1 and 1. She hits the first and second shots to now give the Hawks a 25-20 lead with under a minute to play.

2:44 Ford comes back from the sidelines looking pretty good despite the earlier injury. After getting fouled on a Hawk’s drive, she hits both free-throws to give the Hawks  23-20 lead.

2:42: More tough shots from each side means no change in score yet. Still 21-20 Hawks.

2:39: Bad handling from both teams brings a lull in the action with a media timeout at 3:14. Hawks are still up 21-20, but the Ford injury could mean trouble, as she was the star in the comeback against La Salle earlier in the week. On a side note, my normal press counterpart at women’s games, Mel Greenberg of the Inquirer, has been replaced today by a delightful 3-year-old girl. Sorry Mel, but I think she’s got you in the cute department.

2:37: Brittany Ford goes down awkwardly and limps to the sideline with what looks like a knee/leg injury. On the court, Djouara picks up her first foul but Allums misses both free-throws.

2:35: Another Cavallo rebound leads to a mid-range hit from Prim.  Shi-Heria Shipp hits a long two to keep the Colonials within 1 with under 4:25 left.

2:34: Mostafa hits a jumper on the other end, and a Bryant miss leads to a jumper by Nipe. Hawks holding on 19-18.

2:30: Baker hits a layup this time for a quick two points after a timeout. A Cavallo rebound rebound on the other end leads to a 3-pointer from Gillespie. Hawks now lead 19-14.

2:28: Baker hits a mid-range jumper, and a Myers miss on the other end gives the Hawks a chance to take the lead.

2:27: Cavallo in for the Hawks, who have the ball after a GW foul. Prim misses a layup and a GW rebound leads to two more points by Myers. GW up 14-12 with a timeout taken by the Hawks.

2:25: Mostafa hits two freethrows after a foul by Logue. Bryant deposits a layup to retie the game at 12 with 9 minutes left in the half.

2:22 An official’s timeout gives me a chance to note that the Ford family may in fact be the best cheering section the Hawks have today. With a student section that has only two actual students, the cheers of “Nice communication” and “No foul!” from behind me make me feel better to know that at least someone is rooting on the Hawks with passion today.

2:21: Janine Davis enters the game for GW and hits a jumper for the Colonials. Baker misses a jumper but a Logue rebound leads to a Gillespie layup to keep the game tied at 10.

2:18: Fast break: Baker to Kuester to Logue for a quick 2, a GW turnover give the Hawks the ball again, and Logue is fouled at the other end. She hits one of her FTs to tie the game at 8.

2:17: Ford hits for her first points of the game, but Allums answers for GW, proving Myers isn’t the only Colonial who can shoot. GW up 8-5.

2:14: Myers has become a scoring machine, as she adds a jumper to give the Colonials a 6-3 lead.

2:13: Logue hits a layup to bring the Hawks back into the game. Timeout with 15:07 left, Hawks down 4-3.

2:12: Brittany Ford and Michelle Baker in for the Hawks now. Another Myers layup give the Colonials a 4-1 lead.

2:11: Djouara makes the second free throw to give the Hawks a 1-0 lead. Myers then drives into the basket for GW for a field goal. 2-1 GW.

2:09: Shelton in for GW now as the Hawks get the ball. Djouara ge’s knocked down going up for the layup, now shooting two.

2:08: A 3-second violation gives the Hawks the Ball again, but a missed layup gives the Colonials the ball again. Can a reporter get some points here?

2:07: GW wins the tipoff, but loses it on a miss by Mostafa. Bryant misses a layup on the other end, and then a travel gives the Hawks back the ball. A Djouara miss gives the colonials back the ball.

2:02: Here are the starters for today’s game: for St. Joe’s: Djouara, Bryant, Prim, Gillespie, Logue. For GW: Myers, Wilson, Nipe, Mostafa, and Allums.

Tom Hagan here at Hagan Arena for this afternoon’s game featuring the St. Joe’s women’s basketball team against the GW Colonials. While there’s some down time, let me give you a little pre-game info:

The Hawks are coming into this game a little more upbeat after reaching .500 for the season with a win against La Salle. Against the last team in the Atlantic 10, the Hawks needed a comeback in the second half to prevent a loss to the then 5-15 Explorers.

Today, the Hawks face the Colonials, who have only a slightly better 5-14 record with a 2-4 record in conference. If last Wednesday’s game is any preview, however, this game will not be as easy as people might think. What will make this game even more tough is that Shelby Smith, ’13, one of the standout freshmen on this year’s squad, is out with tonsillitis. For the Hawks to ensure a solid victory, the Hawks will need more of a presence by Ashley Logue, ’10, and Mariame Djouara, ’10, who have been making a smaller impact as of late.

Tip off is only minutes away! Stay tuned for more updates as the game goes on.

Note: The highest post will be the most recent.

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