Midnight Madness: Pics and Notes

It’s a little late but here are some pictures from Midnight Madness last night. Suffice it to say any night that starts with Phil Martelli in a bird suit is going to go pretty well.Phil Hawk But here are some pictures and observations from Night one in the Hagan Arena:

– The night started with the usually frivolities: free food for students, introductions of both teams, some fans fun and games. And the most important portion of the night, The Hawk Walk benefitting Coaches vs. Cancer, which raised $1,340 for cancer research.

– The scoring opened with a three-pointer by Carl “Tay” Jones, ’13. His jumper is decent, and he looks quite quick and shifty. With his lack of size, he better be.

– Idris Hilliard, ’11, looked excellent on the court. He looks faster and stronger than last year, and is evolving into a type-flight slasher. His stroke from the line also looks improved, which will be vital (just ask Ahmad Nivins, ’09).

– I was really impressed with a pair of big men: Carl Baptiste, ’13, and A.J. Rogers, ’12. Baptiste hit a 19-foot jumper and looked pretty comfortable on the court. Rogers looked great on the glass and comfortable on the offensive end, but you can see his finishing isn’t there yet.

– Coach Martelli kept getting on the players to play up-tempo as these kinds of showcases demand, so what was on display wasn’t representative of the offense the Hawks will be running this year. That being said, both teams were chucking up a lot of threes, and clanging a lot of iron. Take it with a grain of salt based on the situation, but it’s something to look out for.

– Martelli’s speech to open the night focused on the importance of the Fieldhouse renovations, especially the added seats in the student section that many people outside the university said were an insane number based on our student body. Based on the number of people there at the end of the night, maybe they were right. Compare the attendance at the beginning of the night (top) with the attendance at the end of the night (bottom):

IMG_2782IMG_2907 While I applaud the responsible decision by St. Joe’s students to go get drunk early so they stand a chance of making their Friday morning classes, let’s just say it won’t be the last time student section attendance will be an issue this year (remember, 700 seats were added to the student section for a total of 1,700 seats for just around 5,000 students).

– Matthew De George ’10

(photos by Matthew De George)

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  1. rick orlando

    what is the latest with Dvid Bruce? thx.

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