At the Bank: Game 1

If you’ve never been to a playoff game at Citizens Bank Park, you have to go. If you’ve ever been to a regular season game there, you know how at crucial moments in the game the crowd can get very into the action. Imagine that craziness for nine innings and double it. The intensity is amazing: everyone is hanging on every pitch and the 46,000 fans standing and waving their rally towels will give you chills.

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The game against the Rockies was my third Phillies playoff game, and the feeling still hasn’t gotten old. Even though we had horrible seats, it didn’t really matter. It’s an experience that you want to a part of no matter where you sit, if you even sit at all. Being part of home field advantage means being part of something special. You won’t regret it; it’s worth every dollar.

Here are some of my memories of sights and sounds from the game:

– If you watched the broadcast on TBS, you saw as they came on the air at 2:30 fans going nuts waving their rally towels. Yes, it is manufactured, as the fans are asked to go nuts on cue. But it is still one of the coolest moments of the day and it gets everybody even more pumped up for the game.

– Jayson Werth’s throw from right field in the second to nail the Yorvit Torrealba at third. I was sitting right above him and it didn’t look like he had a shot and next thing I know he makes an incredible throw to turn the double play.

– The guys in the section next to us constantly starting the “Let’s go Phillies” chants.

– The wind was crazy. It was swirling around the inside of stadium like a tornado. It was impossible for the fielders to judge a fly ball or throw the ball on a line.

– Knocking Rockies starter Ubaldo Jimenez out of the game in the 6th after giving up two runs no one out. When the Phillies get a rally going in the playoffs and the crowd really gets into it, the pitcher is essentially done. You saw it with C.C. Sabathia last year and saw it again today. That’s home field advantage.

– Cliff Lee running back out for the ninth and getting a standing ovation. It was great to give him a chance at the complete game, but it putting him out there to throw 113 pitches was still a risk. The Phillies still need him for at least three or four more starts if they want to repeat. It also showed that it’s not just the fans who don’t trust the bullpen.

-Brad Allen ’13

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  1. Keara Allen

    Good work Brad!!

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