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“Shaq Vs.” a decisive victory for the Big Aristotle

After an hour spent watching ABC’s newest foray into the world of sports entertainment, one thing is clear: Shaquille O’Neal is one of the funniest, most personable people ever to walk the earth. And his new show, “Shaq Vs.”, is the perfect blend of his athleticism and personality. Continue reading

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Summer Days: Crookenden an Orientation fixture

While most of the St. Joe’s community is at home enjoying the last throes of summer, members of the Athletic Department are hard at work preparing for the year ahead. Here are some of their stories.

Orientation is a way for freshman to gradually adjust to the enormous life change they are about to undergo. But there’s more happening on Gest Lawn than you might think. Among the field games, cookouts, and icebreakers, Ian Crookenden is hard at work.

The Saint Joseph’s tennis teams’ head coach is making the most of his first full summer in charge by attending the same Orientation sessions his newest players are at. The atmosphere gives him a chance to get to know his players and their families, and allows him to change roles from being the athletes’ recruiter to being their coach.

“I’m there to encourage recruits to go through the process of Orientation like other student athletes,” said the former UCLA Bruin and NCAA All-American. “I’m there to get to know recruits better, and to meet parents and answer any questions they have.”

Crookenden’s concern at these visits has nothing to do with what his new players will do on the court; he is there to ensure the student-athletes he brought in assimilate to their new school in every possible aspect.

“It’s to reinforce that they are members of this university and that they have to meet their obligations as a student and community participant, not just an athlete,” Crookenden said. “I don’t want them to miss out on any of the things that come with being a student, and this is the perfect venue to reinforce that.”

The confluence of incoming freshmen also provides a pool of possible walk-ons. While Crookenden said he did have “several people ask about tryouts or walking on”, he added that it is too early in his tenure at St. Joe’s to declare his attendance at Orientation an effective method of recruiting.

-Matthew De George ’10

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Dear Philadelphia, Give Vick a chance

As the news broke last night during the Philadelphia Eagles 27-25 loss to New England in the preseason opener, shock seemed to be the prevailing emotion from the media who seemed to be blindsided by the signing.

Listening to ESPN Radio 950 AM, Eagles’ fans seem outraged at the signing. Host Dan Schwartzman, one of the disappointed masses, referred to Vick as “the ultimate boogeyman” numerous times throughout the broadcast.

Now lets step back and analyze this just a little bit. Continue reading

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Ryan Howard 4, Atlanta Braves 1

After a devastating loss to the Atlanta Braves yesterday, the Fightin’ Phils looked to take the rubber-match of the three-game series at Turner Field. After an hour and forty-five minute rain delay, the nationally-televised game had first pitch at 9:45 PM. Continue reading

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That’s the best you can come up with?

While Brad Lidge was on the mound reinforcing fears about the Phillies’ bullpen death, fans could have used a little confidence boost. The most likely source of that boost, though, could have used an ice bag.

The news of Lidge’s eighth blown save and fifth loss of the season today could have been tempered with good news from Brett Myers first rehab start. But Myers never made that start, and no one is quite sure exactly why. Continue reading

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Why Mike?

I know I’m not the only one left in a quandary by the Eagles’ signing of Michael Vick. And while ESPN’s resident football gurus John Clayton and Chris Mortensen love the signing, I have to be honest: I just don’t see it.

A few points to consider:

– This has been an exceedingly tumultuous camp for Philly already. Between the death of the talismanic Jim Johnson, first-rounder Jeremy Maclin’s holdout, and Juqua Parker’s arrest for marijuana possession, there’s been a bunch of issues for the team to deal with off the field. Though the team has already broken camp and can enjoy relative privacy for a while,Vick becomes another distraction. Continue reading

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Leery of Lee overload

All is right in Phillies’ land once again.

The boys from the City of Brotherly Love just wrapped up a three-game sweep over the Cubs at Wrigley to move five games up in the National League East over Atlanta and Florida (with the Marlins still left to play today). The surge comes after the Phils were swept by Florida to reduce their cushion in the East to three and a half games.

With that kind of cushion, there is one question that begs to be asked: why, with a five-run lead in today’s game, was Cliff Lee on the mound for to throw 122 pitches? Continue reading

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