That’s the best you can come up with?

While Brad Lidge was on the mound reinforcing fears about the Phillies’ bullpen death, fans could have used a little confidence boost. The most likely source of that boost, though, could have used an ice bag.

The news of Lidge’s eighth blown save and fifth loss of the season today could have been tempered with good news from Brett Myers first rehab start. But Myers never made that start, and no one is quite sure exactly why.

Myers was scheduled to pitch one inning in tonight’s Class A Clearwater game, his first appearance after nearly two and a half months on the sidelines recovering from a torn labrum in his hip. His timetable was moved back this morning, though, due to an eye injury, the cause of which is shrouded in mystery.

The Phillies’ organization originally stated that Myers hurt his eye while playing catch with his four-year-old son, then changed the story today to say that he fell out of his truck Friday night.

Aside from the obvious need to overhaul the Phillies’ public relations department, the obvious question is, why could no one could come up with a better and more plausible cause of injury? Falling out of a truck only portrays him as a drunk (which there is no proof of in any of the injury reports), and the story about his son only serves to raise his draft stock for 2023, while questioning how something gets in a Major Leaguer’s eye out of the hand of a child during a catch. Heck, if he’s that good, maybe the Phils should sign him up.

Couldn’t this just have been written off as “an undisclosed injury”? Or just say he had blisters or elbow tightness like every other pitcher who has ever been set back during spring training? Even a Sammy Sosa type mishap is at least entertaining.

Just keep it simple, guys.

-Matthew De George ’10


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